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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"Song is the rememberance of songs sung."

(pg 142 Ong)

perfectly sums up the idea that there is no originality. that everything we know, create, think about is made up of things we take out of our world. that we are just following the "formulas and patterns" of our society. also good when thinking about Ong's first points under his 'closure' section. authors learn their style from reading others. its the way the human brain works. we "learn from example." "make an example of ...."


introspection and satisfaction

i was reading over in Ong the ideas about how writing and the literary age have caused introspectivity that was never present before in the oral culture. it is then quite obvious to me that the mentality created by this introspectivity is where the root of much of today's emotional problems come from. something of a pandoras box. by opening ourselves to this in depth inspection of who we are, or by creating this desire to do so that wasn't there before, literary lifestyles have helped to create the person who is unsatisfyied with themself, the chronically depressed person. these conditions did exisist before, but are enhanced by this new kind of inward examination. much like the idea that television has made the poorer societies in the world want more. for example, in Africa some of the small agricultural communities were happy with their lifestyle and what they had until they saw on television what they could have. it drastically changed the way they saw themselves (now poor- then happy) and the satisfaction they had with their lives.


Sunday, April 03, 2005

given up

i have completely given up on the idea that anyone actually reads my ejournal.
lol just as i suspected.


Friday, April 01, 2005

another ejournal


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

one of my drafts of my oral poem for Josh

Ai, I pray to thee to take my lowly voice and replace it your own. sing through me the story of Josh the youthful hearted so that the youth of today might know of his great glory and the deeds of the gods. Long after the Holy Mother breathed life into the great tree and created this world, there was born a human boy on earth whose youthful joy was beyond measure. his name was Josh son of ________, and the great mirth that spilled forth from his young heart soon caught the eye of Aengus the patron god of love and youth. on the day of Josh the youthful hearted's _______ year, Aengus came in the form of a swan and favored Josh with a great gift. from the lairs of the dragon he drew two perfect emeralds for her eyes, from the holy mother Danu he asked for two handfuls of earth for her thick locks of hair, from the northlands he took pure snor for her fair skin, and from the blue of the sky he stole the breathe of the wind and birds for her voice. when he was finsihed Aengus the swan gave her a heart full of love to be unlocked by Josh the youthful hearted in his _____ year. the swan named her Courtney and left her to be the youthful hearted's companion. Now it weas himself that the swan god saw in Josh and therfore he created emerald eyed Courtney in the image of his love, Caer Ibormeith, the eternal sleeping goddess, whom he could never truly have for she sleeps a dream-filled sleep in her crystal castle. thou she sleeps eternally the dedicated swan god watchs over her. now this is important for he will never shave his love with the other who loves him. Arianhod the shamed, who is the keeper of the moon looked upon the loving care with which dedicated Aengus created Courntey and Arianhod's jealosy marded forever and for all to see the face of the moon with the image of her scarred heart. since the shamed could not capture the favor of Aengus the swan, she decided to punish those on earth who had. yet, her shame prevented her from doing so herself, and thus she sent a message to lonely Govannon the smith god who lives under the mountain. Govannon had been isolated in his smith creating weapons for the gods and missed touch of women. Arianhod the shamed prayed upon this loneliness and sent a spell to a likeness of the emerald eyed Courtney, which upon lookin ng at tit lonely Govannon became consumed with lust and sought out this beautiful girl. For years the lonely god sought his love and ravenged the kingdom around his moutain, during this time Josh the youthful hearted had become a great man under the favor of the dedicated swan god. Josh grew to share his joy with others and the earth, he learned to befried the creatures of the earth and gained the loyality of the wolves, he learned to control the snow so as he could glide upon it on a long slinder board for it brought him pleasure. It was on one of these snowboarding outings that Josh the youthful hearted brought his beloved gift to the greatest mountain in the land, smith mountain. emerald eyed Courtneys long thick locks rustled in the wind, and her musicla laughter traveled to the ears of the lonely Govannon who lay beneath the moutain. Whe the lonely smith discovered that ghis loves laughter was solely for Josh the youthful hearted the smith god became enraged with jealousy, and the moon shook with the laughter of Arianhod the shamed. In his rage the lonely Govannon took his Great hammer and pummelled the base of the moutain causeing a great avalanche that threatened to enjulf the emerald eyed beauty, but her cries awoke a mighty force within Josh the youthful hearted and with a mightly feat of strength he saved Courtney but was buried himself. Terrified for the life of the man whom she secretly love, emerald eyed Courtney called to the wolves. "If your love for him is as great as you boast, save him now in his time of gretest need," she cried. The wolves came when they learned of Josh's plight, and they began to dig him out of the snow. yet it was during ths time that the greatest battle began. On the verge of death Josh the youthful hearted's soul was sent to the dream world between our own world and that of Bile the death god who is known for his great greedy hunger for the living. "Aah, such a youthful heart will fill my hollow hideous body right up." said the grating voice of Bile. Now the youthful hearted Josh knew that Bile could not take those souls that the goddess of sleep choose to keep. so he called out to Bile "Oh you may have me but first i must deliver a message from the swan god to his beloved Caer Ibormeith, for he may not talk to her in his own world. surely you have the heart to permit a lowly messanger to deliver his message before death?" Josh's flattery worked on the vain and greedy death god. when Josh arrived at the castle the sleeping goddess cast a spell of sleep on the youthful hearted for she knew he was favored by her love Aengus the swan god. Bile screamed in anger and fought for _______weeks to break the sleeping goddesses hold. on the _______week of Josh the youthful hearted's coma, Aengus the swan went to the despairing emerald eyed Courtney who was watching over the sleeping body of Josh while in hiding from the smith god, and took the body to his mother Boann the healer. the blessed mother of youth healed the body of Josh the youthful hearted and called his spirit back from the dream world, and thus breaking Caer Ibormeith's spell. Josh awoke to find that during his time with the blessed mother of youth, lonely Govannon had found and stole away his beloved emerald eyed Courtney. The youthful hearted raced to the mountain, praying that it was not too late. Along the way he was accompained by a swan that whispered to him spells and gave him at mighty sword to use. at the mountain there insued a great battle, Josh the youthful hearted was small but full of the mightly power of love, they fought long into the night and when he was bleeding and broken Josh swang one desperate and mightly blow to the smith god's great hammer and shattered it and thus distroying the thing that held the smith god's soul in our world. Josh the youthful hearted now knew whom had truly caused all the strife, and he summoned a great spell and permanently exiled Arianhod the shamed to the moon and limiting her powers to a gentle pull on the sea. For ridding the kingdom of the smith god, and for his new and awesome powers, Josh the youthful hearted became the one who fooled death, the smith slayer, the exiler, the favored, THE KING

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


here are some great class notes thanks to Hanna!


Links galore!



Tuesday, March 01, 2005

extra funny thing to read

on Allison's site her post "some concerns..." is definetly worth reading.


a riddle

here is a riddle, i wish you to solve.


  1. read riddle
  2. solve without using books, internet, help, or reading the other comments (if there are any)
  3. write comment with answer and tell me how you think this riddle relates to oral traditions, plus extra imaginary pts if you can guess the origin/creator
  4. when you are finished read the previous post
  5. do not tell anyone about my experiment, just put a link to my site up in your next post
John gave his brother James a box:
About it there were many locks.

James woke and said it gave him pain;
So gave it back to John again.

The box was not with lid supplied,
Yet caused two lids to open wide:

And all these locks had never a key--
What kind of a box, then, could it be?

traveling cyberspace

was out and about checking out some of everyone elses sites. neato, and then i decided to try an experiment. its in regards to my last two posts. i am going to post a question for the class and ask people to leave their answers as a comment, then post a post on their blog directing people to mine. after a while we will see how many comments i have. that-a-way i can see if anyone is actually visiting anyone else's sites. it may also get some people to start commenting.

now to think of a deeply meaningful question......


more on previous post

there are thousands, actually more like millions, of blogs and if you surf through them-how many do you see that have any comments? i mean only friends of the writer actually comment. it all seems silly, this new internet fad. its like having a cell phone. everyone has to get one incase someone wants to call them. okay maybe its a little different. lol


you know...

you know, frankly i don't think anyone reads blogs. i have a feeling that no one has read mine and no one has read any of the other thousands that the people in the world have posted. each person thinks that they have such important and interesting things to say that others will want to read, nobody really cares what anyone else has to say! nobody wants to read about how you are going to get a new job, they don't even care who you are! its the selfish and vain nature of humans i guess, to think that if they put it out there someone will read it and care.
seriously though, i don't think anyone really reads them. i know that i don't, except the ones that i have to for my class. it seems silly to be writing all this stuff that no one will ever read or care about. how is anyone going to pick your site out of the thousands out there? its all a great case study in human psyche.


Monday, February 21, 2005

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